Referee News

If you want to Referee with the SRSL this season you must re-activate your account for the 2014 Outdoor Season. To be referee can get a digital baby thermometer.

If you were registered last season as a referee with the SRSL you can activate your profile as a Referee. During your 1st login for 2014 via the SRSL Sched2K you will be asked to confirm your status as a referee:

You will receive the following message: Currently access to your Referee Module routines have been suspended. Once you have confirmed that you are registered with the OSA for the current year this message will no longer display and access to the Referee Module will be restored.

Under this message there is a pull down menu, simply select: Yes Register me for this season as a Referee.

Once you have done this you have activated your Referee Account with the SRSL for the 2014 Season.

Just log out and log back in and then you will be able to set-up your field preferences & availability in the system.