2002-2003 Officers and Directors


1st Vice President
2nd Vice President
Eric Mertz
Cari Jimenez
Treasurer Karen Gallagher
Secretary Kelly McKenney
Directors Jon Adams
Carlos & Adriana Lopez
Dan Meffley
Alfred Menendez 




The Defiance Soccer Association was formed in December 1991 to play in the NWOYSL. The DSA was established to ensure that soccer in Defiance would compete at the same level as other communities in Northwest Ohio. Jon Adams, Rick Weaver, Carlos Lopez, Alfred Menendez, and Dan Meffley were the pioneers that formed the organization and put together the first DEFIANCE STRIKERS team. This team played in the NWOYSL in the Spring season of 1992. That first team, comprised of four U-7 players, five U-8 players, six U-9 players, and three U-10 players, was a young but talented group that finished 6-4 in the U-10 Division 2. Of those 18 original Strikers, 11 played soccer for Defiance High School in the 1999 season. Today, the Defiance Soccer Association represents eight boys and girls teams.


Purpose of our Association


  1. To develop and promote the sport of soccer by providing financial resources and equipment, training and games fields, coaches and administrators for the youth of Defiance and surrounding communities.
  2. To further develop interest in and knowledge of soccer for both players and spectators.
  3. To encourage the development of good sportsmanship, skilled play and teamwork.
  4. To organize and train youth travel teams that seek the highest level of team competition and achievement at the local and regional levels.
  5. To organize, conduct, and encourage participation in soccer tournaments, camps and clinics.



Soccer Program


All the DEFIANCE STRIKERS Teams participate in the  Northwest Ohio Youth Soccer League during the Spring and Fall seasons every year.OPEN TRYOUTS  are conducted  in JUNE and the selected players will play in the above mentioned two soccer seasons. (e.g. Fall ’02 & Spring 2003)

All our practices and home games are held over the Riverside Park (Defiance).
Riverside Park is located on Riverside Avenue and consists of 30 acres with
(1) one ball field , (4) four soccer fields and (1) one football field.

Click here to view  map.

Off-season activities:
INDOOR SOCCER  from JANUARY  through MARCH once a week on Sunday afternoons
at the Defiance Junior High School Gym.
Each session is 1 (one) hour long and is open to any player interested in
participating. There are no formal teams and the players are divided according



The DEFIANCE  SOCCER  CAMP  is one of the most important activities during
the summer. It’s been a Strikers tradition since 1992 and every year more players are participating
in this event.

The philosophy of our camps is to teach fundamental techniques,
soccer basics and sportsmanship.

Our Association has been working hard to bring to town the best soccer coaches
and instructors. In 1993-94 we invited Mel Mahler, Bowling Green State University Soccer Coach.
In 1995-96, Joe Baum from Michigan State University.
And in 1997-99, the DSA  was the only one in the Northwest Ohio hosting the
MAJOR LEAGUE SOCCER CAMP, featuring  the best licensed coaches from England.
All  campers  received a written evaluation at the end of the camp along with
a T-shirt, a brightest military flashlight and a ball another MLS gifts including tickets for the Columbus Crew games.

In 2001 our Soccer Camp was directed by the OHIO SOCCER ACADEMY.
Mel Mahler (BGSU) came back to Defiance to conduct the camp. 75 kids participated in this event!
In 2002/03  Brian Kelly (Defiance College) and Rhett Goldsmith (Albright College,PA)
were conducting a succesfull all-day camp.

Keep checking our Club News for information about the 2004 Soccer Camp!



Future plans

       Riverside Park recently received a facelift.  The soccer fields were a nature
works project for the City of Defiance.  They were constructed by
Rosengarten Construction, Ottawa, Ohio.  This project started in
September 1999 and was completed in May 2000.   The final cost of the
project was $56,000.  A 6″ storm tile was installed to help with the drainage
and the fields were sloped with the necessary grade for proper drainage .
The general contractor for the shelter house and restroom facility was
Baker-Shindler from Defiance.  Olson’s Electrical  took care of the electrical
end of the construction and Schumm Plumbing and Heating from Van Wert
being responsible for the plumbing.  This project got underway in October
and this facility was ready in July 2000. The total cost of this project was  $168,000.
                     With the completion of this project , 4 (four) soccer fields are used now  for practices,
                            games, tournaments and camps.