The South Region Soccer League would like to update our membership regarding the 2015 Outdoor Season as it stands now. If you want to be one of our members, please click android tv box.

The SRSL attended meetings on Sept 27th & Sept 30 and have been advised of the following:

  • Only 1 Regional conference of 8 Teams will be authorized for U14 to U18 as the districts did not want 2 Regional conferences per age group.
  • Each conference will be comprised of 5 teams from Peel Halton District, 2 teams from Hamilton District, and 1 team from Niagara District.
  • The District Associations will select the Club/Teams that will participateOur understanding is that all existing South Region Soccer League teams will not be grandfathered, rather the Districts will be selecting the Clubs/Teams.Any questions regarding how divisions will be populated should be directed to your district association and/or Club.The sponsor best forehead thermometer¬†did request that we be allowed to run all divisions as we have done for many years however this request was denied.Thank-youSRSL Executive Board